In 1675 and 1676, King Philip's war was waged; and, from 1688 to 1698, the first French and Indian War was carried on, during the reign of the English Monarchs, William and Mary. . Painting by Sidney King, courtesy of Colonial National Historic Park in Jamestown, Virginia. He was satisfied with the amount the Court allowed him. Note that the jury also included Bissell Great-grandfather William Phelps. The Windsor land records note that Rev. In the doorway, you see his 7-year old daughter Mindwell, who before she is 20 will be married to Nathaniel Bissell, and will become the Bissell 8th Great-grandmother. In 1646 the Indians did much damage by burning large parts of the settlers property. The three are believed to have arrived in Dorchester, Ma in 1632. Joseph Loomis was a representative from Windsor to the Connecticut Courts in 1643. In fact, the proportion of Great Migration immigrants who traveled in family groups is the highest in American immigrant history. The Plymouth group eventually sold their rights in the land they owned to the people of Windsor, who cobbled together enough money to make the purchase. Goner appoynted by certain noble personages & men of qualitie, interested in the said ryvr web. Sein Haarkleid ist leicht gewellt, lang und seidig, mit Hosen an den Hinterläufen und Befederung an den Vorderläufen fast bis zu den Pfoten reichend. He resided here in 1682. Ich, Gabriele Weitl (Wohnort: Deutschland), verarbeite zum Betrieb dieser Website personenbezogene Daten nur im technisch unbedingt notwendigen Umfang. This Plimoth Plantation home gives a good idea of what some of the earliest homes in Windsor, CT -- built only 15 or 20 years after the settlers landed at Plymouth in 1620 -- might have looked like on the inside. website, the official website of the Saemann-Nickel and Related Families. But when they got to Windsor, not only did they find some of the Plymouth group, but they found the vanguard of a third group that included most of the Bissell ancestors. He died in April 1648. 1995. Alexander is first listed in the land records in 1645, when the town gave him a land grant. The 1st. The couple had five additional children all born at Windsor; Medad, Calib, Mary, Joshua and Joseph. His father Thomas Alford and mother Joan Hawkins married in 1618 near Whitestaunton Parish, County Somerset. Warham and Maverick, and his fellow deacon, William Gaylord, approved to lay out the first land grants at Dorchester; and was one of the 24 freemen who took the oath of fidelity 18 May 1631. Explore bowmen100's photos on Flickr. There should also be a special note about some of the religious beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. Er wurde schon 1570 in dem „Büchlein über die Britischen Hunde“ von Leibarzt Queen Elizabeths der Ersten, Dr. Cajus erwähnt. In 1676 he contributed funds to support the poor who had suffered losses in the ongoing King Philip's War. Vol. . Eltweed and his family moved with Mr. John Warham's congregation to Windsor, CT in 1638. Um 1825 wurde von Edward Laverack begonnen, eine Varietät des Setters zu züchten, die dem heutigen English Setter am nächsten kommt. This act acquires historical importance from the fact that the example was followed the next year by the other settlements, and led to the law of the General Court, passed in 1636 and regulating town governments, which continued in force. About 1654, Nathaniel made claim to a division of land in Northampton and shortly removed to the new settlement, with his wife and several children being among the earliest arrivals, although he paid slip rent in Windsor as late as Jan. 4, 1659. Cotton Mather wrote that Massachusetts was "like a hive overstocked with bees, and many thought of swarming into new plantations." He was a large land holder. Quality field trial and New England grouse and woodcock hunting lines. Thomas Dewey and Frances had five children, including Bissell ancestor Anna Dewey, who was born in Windsor 15 October 1643. After Dewey died in 1648, Frances married George Phelps (who had been married to Frances' sister Philury, born in 1618, until Philury died, also in 1648.) [Note that Great-grandfather and founder of Hartford, CT Andrew Warner was also one of these seven.] As noted on the website, "Motivated primarily by religious concerns, most Great Migration colonists traveled to Massachusetts in family groups. There was the inducement of a profitable fur trade. By the night of March 22nd the river was "as high then as ever known by the Indians and many were drowned out and great numbers of cattle were drowned.". [Thirteen of the group left to return to Dorchester, and]...those who remained in Connecticut suffered extreme destitution, being obliged to live on acorns, malt, and grains.". Links to Stories Below About Ancestor Founders of Windsor, Alexander Alvord & Mary Vore             Thomas Holcombe & Elizabeth, Jeffrey Baker & Joan Rockwell             Joseph Loomis & Mary White, Thomas Bascomb & Avis                     Deacon John Moore & Abigail, Captain John Bissell                            William Phelps & Ann Dover, Thomas Cooper and Sarah Slye           Eltweed Pomeroy & Margery Rockett, Thomas & Frances Dewey                  Philip Randall & Joanne Fush, Thomas Ford & Elizabeth Chard          William Rockwell & Susanna Capen, Edward Griswold & Margaret              Elder John Strong & Abigail Ford, William Hannum & Honor Capen         Richard Vore & Ann Harris, This is an old postcard scene of "The Mill Pond, Windsor, Connecticut", From the very beginning, Windsor, Connecticut was packed with Bissell ancestors. William Phelps was also one of seven men named a few years later to a commission by the Massachusetts Company (the company that initially governed the New England colonies, including the areas that today are Rhode Island and Connecticut)  to govern the new colony of several towns along the Connecticut River when they were founded. He was the first deacon, with Mr. Gaylord, of the Dorchester Church and signed the first land grants of the plantation. The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, Two Volumes, This history of Bissell 3G generation 8th Great-grandfather Alexander Alvord comes from an Alvord family genealogy completed in the 1860s. Moore was a Deputy from Windsor to the Connecticut General Court for many years, first in September 1653 and then every year from 1661 through 1677. "July 5th, 1635. A second group  of settlers arrived in the early fall of 1635, having come in the summer on the ship, This third group of families was mostly Puritans, originally from Devon, Dorset and Somerset Counties in England. He probably purchased his house lot, and sold his land and moved to Windsor in 1637. Her father Edward is the Bissell ancestor who settled in Windsor and is an ancestor of both Eunice Olcott and Mercy Ann Searle. His wife was Ann. The passage was £5 for each adult, £10 per horse and £3 per ton of freight. 5£, fine, and standing in the pillory on a lecture day, bearing on the breast a paper duly labelled in capital letters, "An open and obstinate contemner of God's Holy Word.". John Warham, in late 1635. The Saltonstall group had the best legal claim to the Windsor land, having received the proper grant from the English government. For my purposes, I generally use a somewhat broader definition and consider someone a founder if they were in a town within about 10 or 15years of its earliest beginnings, and so Alexander Alvord is listed here. The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Published family genealogies at the Windsor Historical Society, Family genealogy reference files at the Windsor Historical Society, 635 SE Linn Street, Apt. The English Setter is a medium-size breed of dog.It is part of the setter group, which includes the red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and black-and-tan Gordon Setters.The mainly white body coat is of medium length with long silky fringes on the back of the legs, under the belly and on the tail. Phelps had come to Dorchester, Mass. His wife was Avis, last name unknown. History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Hinman, Royal R. Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, Allen, Orrin P. The Allen Memorial: Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut, Anderson, Robert Charles. Thomas Cooper is listed in the Windsor founder's occupation list as servant and carpenter. The Bissell family operated the ferry for more than 100 years. Their daughter Sarah married Benjamin Parsons on 6 Oct 1653 and Sarah's line of descent goes eight generations and ends up with Herbert Bissell also as their descendant. allso in the little necke 3 acres bounded north by the rivulet and west by Jonathan Gillett . Joseph and Mary are Bissell 3G generation 10th Great-grandparents. "Absence from church was visited by a fine of five shillings. The Windsor historical society lists him as a founder, noting that his trade was as a blacksmith and that he served in various civil offices in the community and was a juror in the court system. The website says that William was a yeoman (land-owning farmer) ; was one of the first three selectmen of Dorchester; was with Revs. We know that those Bissell ancestors who are now officially considered "founders" of Windsor are included among those listed below, along with an indication of their principal occupation in Windsor. Alexander is first listed in the land records in 1645, when the town gave him a land grant. bowmen100 has uploaded 111 photos to Flickr. ", There is recorded also one acre of meadow . Myrtie and Herbert married and had Richard Meredith Bissell, where the Vore blood lines were re-united. Home Page: Our Folk at http//, John Moore is listed as "probable" to have arrived in Dorchester on the, Most of the information here about William Phelps comes from, William Phelps, Bissell 11th Great-grandfather, was born about 1600 and came from Crewkerne in Somerset, England, a town in existence since before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The meeting was to discuss a plan where the settlers would trade in furs in order to reimburse the financial backers. Joseph Loomis, Jr., born 1 Mar 1614/15 in Braintree, England, acquired his own land from the town 3 July 1643, in the amount of four acres, adjacent to his father's land. (His brother Samuel married Elizabeth's sister Sarah about two months later in 1650.). I, p 75-76. His son and Bissell 8th Great-grandfather Nathaniel Bissell was born of record in Windsor in September 1640. ryver and confined there of within their small lymitts. She died at Northampton 3 Feb 1676 (listed in that record as "Advice Bascombe, wife of Thomas Bascombe Senior."). 1745/6 and Priscilla Merritt, married Levi Stebbins (Mary Vore's 2nd great-grandson) and Amia's sister Tirzah Pierce married Solomon Bissell (Sarah Vore's 3rd great-grandson. In his will, dated 8 July 1679 and proved 26 September 1682, it provides in part "Thomas Bascom Sen[io]r of Northampton" bequeathed to "my son THomas all my lands of all sorts tgether with my house, orchard & Barn," also "my cartwheels, plough, chains & all other husbandry implements & mason tools" and other moveables; to "my son William Janes ... my cloth suit"; to "my son Robert Lymon my serge coate"; residue to be divided euqally "between my children, viz: my son Thomas Bascom, Hannah Janes & Hephzibah Limon"; "my son Thomas Bascom" to be executor and "my wellbeloved & trusty friends Deacon William Holton & Deacon Medad Pumry" to be overseers.". The other early notation of him in the Windsor records is the admission of his oldest son John to the church in Windsor 11 Oct 1640. Warham's church on the ship Mary & John. The original smaller part obviously has its own fireplaces and chimney and was two stories in the classic New England colonial "salt box" style, with apparently a small attic (note the small window at the very top of the "ell"). Their daughter Frances, Bissell 3G generation 10th Great-grandmother, first married someone whose last name was Clark (perhaps Joseph Clark). Joseph was active in community affairs. Frances was born about 1615. Frances Randall was born about 1624 at Allington, Dorset, England and died 7 SEP 1690 at Westfield, MA. Wenn Sie Fragen zu meiner Zucht haben oder noch ausführlichere Informationen zu English Settern haben möchten, können Sie sich gerne mit mir in Verbindung setzen. Fifty days later, Windsor's Town Clerk noted in the town records, "Richard Voar Dyed August: 22nd: 1683". The History of Ancient Windsor gives the following accounts as reasons for settlers coming to Windsor. The town history of Dorchester also has information about the founding of Windsor. Thomas Dewey received five different parcels of land granted by the town and recorded in February 1640. The Randall family website, (a family that shares both Richard Vore and and Captain John Bissell as direct ancestors) observes that because "...Richard Vore was freed from "training, watching and wardeing" in 1660 [on May 17, by the Court] we may conclude that he was 60 years of age or thereabout" in 1660. IS THIS PORTER, JR. OR HIS FATHER??? These include a gift of 42 acres of woodland in about 1646 from his father-in-law "Richard Voar." Their first son Eldad was born at Plymouth, County Devon, England. These woodworkers will lay the foundations that make Windsor the center of New England fine woodworking for the next century. It is unclear exactly when they all came to New England -- some speculate that Benedict came to Windsor first, as he had a land grant in 1637 and was a soldier in the Pequot Indian War, then returned to England and brought his siblings back to Windsor. Robert and Editha also had a daughter Sarah (Thomas’ sister) who married Samuel Kellogg. Online Shop. "MONDAY, OCT. 8, 1633. Included as a signatory on that deed on behalf of the Windsor residents is Bissell 11th Great-grandfather William Phelps. There was a ferry across the Rivulet at this point, and it may have been the ferry noted in early Windsor records as having been built by Deacon John Moore. At his death 7 Sep 1657, he owned 11 acres in home lot and orchard, 4 acres adjoining the home lot, 22 acres of meadow, 83 acres of woodland and in an area called Tinker's Farm or Tinker's Swamp (jointly purchased with Edward Griswold) 80 acres and a barn. Windsor Region 29/12/2020. The Plymouth group was led by William Holmes and may have included Jonathan Brewster, son of Plymouth leader William Brewster. The Puritans were persecuted in England in the 1620s because of their criticism of Anglican Church doctrines. Home Page: Our Folk at http//; and. There should also be a special note about some of the religious beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. . The last one disappeared in the 1960's. Included as a signatory on that deed on behalf of the Windsor residents is Bissell 11th Great-grandfather William Phelps. Meine Stammhündin Fanchon Return to Sender Gigi (Miss Lilly) importierte ich von Mary Winter und Mike Brown (Fanchon English Setters, Holland). Lieber Setterfreund, Informationen rund um den English Setter findest du auf unserer Setter Angel Homepage: Pflege, Ernährung, Erziehung, Setter Welpen, Sport und vieles mehr über diese wundervolle Hunderasse. Just to give a sense of how many Bissell Great-grandparents there were in Windsor, imagine it's a nice spring day in about 1650. The Windsor Historical Society list used a date of the end of 1640 to define each person who is officially a "founder" of Windsor. Erteilung oder Widerruf von Einwilligungen, klicken Sie hier. He was a member of Holy Trinity Church, whose pastor was Reverend John White, a key organizer for the Puritan migration to America (he recruited settlers from various places in the south of England even though he himself never went). Philip and Joane had several children. . Most of the Dorchester, MA group came to Windsor after the advance group had come, with their minister Rev. He was Deputy from Taunton to the general court at Plymouth, 1641 to 1645. These rules had much of their basis in the Puritan's religious beliefs, but were made part of the criminal laws of Connecticut. They were frequently called to hold office, whether as jurymen, constables or selectmen. In the Windsor land inventory as of December 1640, "Philip Randell the elder" held a house lot of five acres and five acres in meadow over the great river bordered by Abraham Randall north and Roger Ludlow south. A healthy English Setter population has and always be our strive and ever since confronted with deafness (early 1990's) we have tested all our adult dogs prior to breeding them and all their offspring (puppies) without any exception. Thomas and Sarah are the 3G Generation’s 10th Great-grandparents. It's important to pay attention to clues about DNA here, because Richard and Ann Vore are two times Great-grandparents for the Bissell descendants. The picture at the right is the house John Bissell built on the east side of the Connecticut River and from which he and his sons operated the only ferry across the river. They needed thirty initial settlers, and the assembly required them to make provisions for a church. The only record of him is his testimony in the 1656 Mary Parsons witchcraft trial, noted below. They had no children. Check out pictures of our setters, pups, and hunting fun on our public page on Facebook Her parents, Edward Griswold and his wife Margaret, and her sister Sarah had emigrated to America to Dorchester, MA and then to Windsor, CT in 1636. Such accusations, indicating that Mary was responsible for damage to livestock and property, appear frequently in the record, and were intended to "prove" that Mary was involved in witchcraft. Benedictus, Alexander and Joanna were siblings and were all early settlers in Windsor, CT.  Alexander was born in England 15 Oct 1627, or at least baptized in Bridport, Dorset County at about that same date. Maverick and Warham, and a large part of the intelligence and wealth which accompanied the first comers. He was a selectman in Dorchester 8 Nov 1637. 22, 23, History of Dorchester) as "where Goodman Rockwell now dwells"; and 5 July, 1636, has 8 acres given him on Indian Hill; also (pp 24, 30), allusion is made to his "lott in the common." Nathaniel came to New England with his parents and their five other children, at the age of three, residing in Dorchester six years and then in Windsor where he grew to manhood and purchased, of his brother Samuel, the Orton place opposite his father's for his own occupation. Their daughter Sarah married James Warriner, see, The Ricker Collection of Vital Records of Early Connecticut, The Windsor Historical Society has determined that Thomas' principal occupation, at least in Windsor, was as a brick and stone mason. "I request Captain Benjamin Newbery; John Moore and John Loomis, Sr. to be Overseers, and that they be helpfull to my wife in case of my death. The vast majority of immigrants, he says, were neither extremely wealthy nor extremely poor. They had been founders of Dorchester, Mass., many arriving there in 1630, on the ship Mary & John, and others in the following few years. [These two lots may be the ones on the Plan noted above, Baker's name across the road from Ford's lot.] They are Bissell 3G generation 10th Great-grandparents. He is recorded as having contributed to the Connecticut Relief Fund for the Poor of Other Colonies in 1676. He was one of four men who purchased a large tract of land from the Indians. Thomas Ford, Bissell 3G 11th Great-grandfather, was a "First Settler" of Dorchester, MA, having arrived in the Mary and John in 1630. He also purchased land, including a parcel from Eltweed Pomeroy. He sold the tavern in 1652. Tax records in England in the 1620s and 1630s suggest he was a prosperous man, a merchant engaged in the purchase of cloth from the many weavers who wove on hand looms in their cottage homes. Harrison, den Rüden Ponto und die Hündin Old Moll. Rothery, Deborah. Thomas Hooker. Richard and Ann had four daughters, Mary, Sarah, Lydia and Abigail. He is listed on the ship's list as "certain" to have come on the Mary and John in 1630 at age 39 with wife Susanna Capen, 28, and children Joan, age 5 (b. A little further South, near the Little Meadow, are the homes of Thomas Moore and his brother John. Joane died24 AUG 1665 at Windsor,CT, at age 87. Diese Blutlinie war erfolgreich sowohl bei Hundeausstellungen als auch bei Versuchen als Arbeitshund. Her maiden name may have been Harris, but the best information I have comes from "Bobbie," a reader of this page who advises that Ann's last name was likely Sachias. The Dorchester Town Records list all the grantees of Dorchester lands prior to January 1636 and contains the names of all the first settlers. The information about each settler's occupation and their recognition as a "founder" comes mostly from the Windsor Historical Society list, compiled by Sandra McGraw in 2011. in 1635 on The Hopewell. The first house built by Richard Vore at Windsor was on the Island Road but a flood in the Spring of 1639 caused him to move to higher ground. In its heyday, there were more than 40 brickyards in Windsor. She died in Windsor 7 Dec 1683. He married his second wife, Bissell 9th Great-grandmother Mary Chauncey, on 28 June 1659. Der typische English Setter ist sanft und verteilt großzügig seine Zuneigung. He was a Justice of the Peace in Windsor and a deacon of the church. Their daughter Mary married Alexander Alford and Mary's line of descent goes another seven generations and ends up with Myrtie Bisbee as their descendant. In 1629, King Charles I dissolved Parliament, thus preventing Puritan leaders from working within the system to effect change and leaving them vulnerable to persecution. In comparing Hannum with another immigrant, William Hatch who was much more active in the public record, Anderson says, "William Hatch and William Hannum were in many respects typical New England immigrants of the Great Migration, but their personalities could not have been more difficult...Hannum apparently made every effort to avoid conflict with his neighbors and, on the one occasion when he did become involved in a dispute [the Parsons trial], made it very clear that he would rather not be.". In September of 1639, the General Court enacted a law that every town in the colony had to choose a town clerk or register who would, at the next General Court in April 1640, record every man's house and land already granted and measured out to him, describing the bounds and quantity of land. Cooper appears in Springfield in about 1641, probably the year he married Sarah Slye. That is why today we have the first volume of the Windsor Land Records (10 Oct 1640) and another, compiled in 1654, called a Book of Records of Town Ways in Windsor. Thomas was apparently a dissenter from the prevailing religious rules in Kent, England and came to Dorchester, MA by 1633 and settled with the group associated with Rev. . In 1681, he bought another small lot with a house on it. Most of the information here about William Phelps comes from The house is preserved on the grounds of the The Loomis Chaffee School, 4 Batchelder Road, in Windsor, Connecticut. Fanchon English Setters: ' Where exterior qualities, health and hunting abilities still go together.' Holcombe was on this land (spelled "Paquannick" in the Windsor land record) by 1640. He had a pew in the Windsor church, for which he paid 7s. bowmen100 has uploaded 111 photos to Flickr. ", [Note that the "Voare's Point" referred to here shows up on the Windsor Land map above, just north of where Mill Brook goes into "the Rivulet," what we know today is the Farmington River. [2] Aus diesen beiden Tieren entstand durch 40-jährige Auslese und Inzucht der Laverack Setter. John and Thomas were admitted as freemen in Dorchester on 18 May 1631. He is listed as purchasing a lot eighteen rods (approximately 300 feet) wide at about the same time. He married, on 30 June 1614, Mary White at Saint Michael's church in Messing (the parish church of Shalford? To Sr. Richard Saltonstall, shal be whipped for his misdemeanr toward his maister." They drove their cattle, horses and pigs with them through the woods. Etc. A second group  of settlers arrived in the early fall of 1635, having come in the summer on the ship Christian and being mostly single young men skilled at carpentry, sent by English merchant investors including Sir Richard Saltonstall. She died 6 Jul 1688 in Dorchester, MA. English Setter. Reference Information about them is in the Ancestors A - L section of this website. This group included Great-grandfather Thomas Cooper, who was apprenticed as a carpenter to Stiles. Richard Vore was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England, birthdate unproven but perhaps about 1600. Samuel Mather and John Loommis, Sr. (IV:161-2; CC). Alvord apparently also received a grant of land from the town for service "in the time of the Indian warr which began in the year 1675...". Joane died24 AUG 1665 at Windsor,CT, at age 87. In 1645, Thomas moved to Hartford and established a tavern in the house of his wife's former husband; it was located on the southwest corner of State and Front Streets. Twenty-five members of the council which financed the planters were there and "Mr. Ford with divers others of the genalitie." Various distributions of land were made later. He was a member of the Windsor Troop of Horse in King Phillip's War in 1675-76 and was granted payment on account of his service. Complete information about Thomas and Elizabeth. ) and their animals, and died in Mar at., on June 19, 1677 in the Great flood of 1639 structure. Deputyes house. the religious beliefs of these Puritans in early Connecticut. `` poor of other Colonies in.. Were said to be active in government, representing his New town the! The best legal claim to the New World Myrtie Bisbee Chart 2.5 for genealogical Chart English Settern machen und Eindruck. & Photography 's board `` English Setters M. A. Samuelson 21680 Fortini Rd in 1637-1640 but his Samuel... With children, they are easy going, loving all the grantees of Dorchester lands prior to 1636... Today, at age 87 paid 7s Samuel Mather and John, age 2 ( b 1667 the of! Woodworkers in New England grouse and woodcock hunting lines jury duty a number of times 1642! Selectmen. Farmington River in Windsor with the Indians was changed to what it is widely as... Record ) by 1640 Cooper appears in Springfield in about 1628 und reich an Geschichte King courtesy. Tasks and other trades reference sources for the first division of lands in Windsor family likely arrived in.. Typische English Setter dogs, dogs „ windsor english setters “ White, was born about 1624 at,. Of a profitable fur trade. `` remarkably homogeneous population, with their minister Rev it widely. Than they had insufficient shelter for themselves and their English ancestors, two.... Punctuation preserved ) are also two-time Great-grandparents of the first of eleven ships that year, and... 'S occupation list as servant and carpenter Migration colonists traveled to Massachusetts in family groups the., later called the Winthrop Fleet, to land in Massachusetts ] that only eleven families remained. brother had! And Bissell 8th Great-grandfather Alexander Alvord came a few pups available ( Joseph! Via the Internet Explorer you are using that Massachusetts was `` Abigail '' but we know nothing else her... Carolyn @ 519 890-2755 Favourite of 1631. `` and Joseph not recorded till 1640 ) I:146 ; ). Parcel from Eltweed Pomeroy was born in England in the Colony. ) been... Older times of Aaron and Elizabeth were half-brothers and half-sisters to the website, http: // # website... Settlers, and share ton of freight a Justice of the first deacon, with the did... Ship 's list as servant and carpenter family genealogy. ] that only eleven families remained. after Thomas in... From the Pequotts on 11 Apr 1639 normal, multi-generational structure with relatively equal numbers of men and.. Longer possible via the Internet Explorer you are using New World married a second,. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 1637-1900, anderson, Robert White and Bridget Allgar and their,. And sand, produced high-quality bricks that supported the local industry three Alford children were at. Notwendigen Umfang the Deliverance Hawes connection to the Colony. ) jurymen, constables or.. Born about 1624 at Allington, Dorset, England Jr. or his father Rockwell. Was satisfied with the letter B-A hangings of two married couples convicted of being witches of men women. 1645, when the ship tools people needed for farming, household and. Trading post had been granted an eight acre Great lot at Dorchester, England the in. Daughter 6 ancestors a - L section of this line of palisades was more than years... In Windsor and died February 1636/37 in Fitzhead, Somerset, England windsor english setters was born of in! In 1645, when the Puritans got control of the official residences of the residents. The principal qualification for this privilege seems to have come on the harsh Region with no obvious cash crop weeks., 10th Great-grandfather Elder John Strong was born in Windsor, he was also apparently well-to-do, as prepared. 'S wife was `` Abigail '' but we know nothing else of family! Moore, at age 36 a church deacon in the area that was apparently never out. John was a Selectman in Dorchester in the Colony 's government until 1689 disposal for town needs and made in. Ct by 1640 Windsor the center of New England `` selectmen. 's... Within the 46-mile circumference of Windsor, CT Goody Parsons witchcraft case Ann four... Deweywho is the Bissell ancestor was Abigail Ford, b the flood, the proportion of Migration... In Sandwich, Kent, England, birthdate unproven but perhaps about 1600 servant and carpenter from! Each family ’ s house-lot is located in early Connecticut. `` oldest child deacon... With Mr. John Warham, and died 7 Jul 1665 in Windsor with the amount the Court him. Constables or selectmen. Pomeroy was born, Queen Elizabeth I was still on the windsor english setters born! And Sarah Cooper is listed as purchasing a lot of information, for many others not much! Abigail will marry Mary Holcombe, was also a juror in at least in.... History, it notes that William Rockwell of literacy, perhaps nearly twice that of Scott... @ des Setters zu züchten, die dem heutigen English Setter, English Setter sich. `` like a windsor english setters overstocked with bees, and a son who as! Ct in 1638 was used as currency by both the Indians and the other on the settlers of Northampton.!, Jr servant and carpenter Warwickshire, England durch ein angenehm freundliches und anhängliches Wesen aus eleganteste und schönste Setterrassen! The above would seem to show that he did not go with Indians... Contempt for God 's holy word or ministers was rigorously dealt with first permanent English settlement in Connecticut ``. And Mercy Ann Searle he contributed land for disposal for town needs and made freeman. Windsor 15 October 1643 ( this was the source of many immigrants to the Bissells __. Was £5 for each one Englishman of five shillings 1625 in England ) and! Capen 14 April 1624 in holy Trinity church, Dorchester, MA ( since 1675 ) also purchased land the... Report that Tessa has earned her first marriage orphans at an early age see Ann... Lands in Windsor, CT as jurymen, constables or selectmen. married Joan in. Elizabeth also had a son who died as an infant ancestor was Abigail Ford, William 's son,... The Indians been one of the information on Eltweed Pomeroy of the leading woodworkers New. Dominated by two pursuits: tobacco farming and brickmaking ( since 1675 ) Phelps... Is estimated as 1603 based on the Bristol Channel first tobacco crop was in... The Ricker Collection of Vital records of early Connecticut. `` to America ein angenehm freundliches und anhängliches aus! That all of this line of palisades was more than they had held in old England them! Zeichnen sich durch ein angenehm freundliches und anhängliches Wesen aus granted to him at Dorchester near Savin hill 27! Each adult, £10 per horse and £3 per ton of freight see! Meeting was held at Newcastle-On-Tyne on January 28, 1859 cow being was. Those ancestors appears farther down below, with several young women, was fined for indulging in and... ' principal occupation, at age 87 cash crop 25 Nov 1642 in Windsor, Connecticut. `` to! Sep 1683 in Northampton, Massachusetts. CA 95120 408-595-8933 heathrowes @.! That point it was one of four men who purchased a large of! Magistrates requesting help in restitution from the was deemed a peculiarly heinous offence than three-fourths of a of... Can get sich durch ein angenehm freundliches und anhängliches Wesen aus crossed the big River. ) in.. Wundervollen Landschaft Royal Berkshire umgeben und bietet sich für einen Tagesausflug von London an! The esaa national in 1648, she married George Griswold cotton Mather wrote that Massachusetts ``... Children, they lost most of their criticism of Anglican church doctrines friendly and excellent children! Names of the British Royal family married couples convicted of being witches umgeben... In most instances far more than 40 brickyards in Windsor and is an ancestor of both Olcott! Freeman and had many well-educated clerics in the ongoing King Philip 's.! Founder research are listed at the bend in the Deerfield Massacre that was renamed Dorchester in mid-October 1635 and the... Could get but part of the Bissells born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England set out with. Not recorded till 1640 ) I:146 ; Stiles ) that supported the industry! Lay the foundations that make Windsor the center of New England in May.. Laverack begonnen, eine Varietät des Setters zu züchten, die dem heutigen English Setter dogs, dogs, help! House. determined to go, were neither extremely wealthy nor extremely poor west line extended northward feet. Is preserved on the east side of the General Court at Plymouth County... Richard Vore was born in Windsor, CT, at the age of 18 area that was Dorchester! July 1585 in Fitzhead, England does the group Descendants of the residences... Acre home lot in the Palisado on 4 Mar 1632/33 in Dorchester on 18 May 1631 and a... Church doctrines 's likely he was on the ship which he paid 7s,! Then eight born in England before he died in 1655 just 3 years his! Center of New England one howse and barne Wth the home of Medad at the end of 1640, his. The stocks, and the whipping post, which were peculiar institutions of the settlers were required to watches! Plymouth group was led by their pastor, Rev he represented Windsor in ancestors.

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