Late Night with Carl Sagan (excerpt)
running time 10:52, HD video, 2013
Shot entirely on an iPhone with homemade props and frame-by-frame animation, the video is a restaging, a reimagining, and an insomniac response to Sagan’s iconic 1980 series, Cosmos. Poetic, existential, hopeful, his series is a timeless prophecy on humanity’s place in the universe. Sagan talks to the subject with an attitude best described as wonder, in a manner that is wholly different than the position taken towards science by contemporary entertainment. Viewed late at night on Netflix, it becomes a participatory conversation, drifting into tangent, hyperbole, speculation, and intervention.

Dark Space exhibition loop (excerpt)
running time 9:00, HD video, 2015

Divination Strategies, Wayne County 2015 (excerpt)
running time 8:34, HD video, 2015
Shot in Detroit, this piece looks at finding different ways to decode photographs by harnessing a systematic method (tarot) to organize what appear to be random images such that they provide narrative meaning.