ref: Senior 98.354T. In recent years, while some segments of the coin market and numismatic hobby have remained sluggish, interest in ancient coins has grown substantially, according to experts. You are bidding on the … Now is the time to invest in ancient history! Many will be familiar, some will not. All items are guaranteed authentic for a lifetime and come with CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY. ref: DOC A2.41; SB 1818. Free Catalogs. Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coins The best online coin shop to buy AUTHENTIC numismatic ancient Greek, Roman, Biblical, Byzantine, Medieval Historical Coins and Artifacts. To make a purchase, or for more information, CLICK HERE, Related search topics: ancient coin necklaces, ancient Roman coin necklace, Greek silver coin necklace for sale, ancient coin necklaces jewelry for sale, ancient coin jewelry, Greek Roman coins pendants, coin jewelry bezels, ancient artifacts dealer Los Angeles California USA, One of the Three Kings of the Bible? when Rome was ruled by its Senate). Various beliefs, rituals, and observances concerning the supernatural were held or practiced by the Greeks & Romans. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. There are many legal and ethical issues involved in purchasing Roman coins. ref: Sear 1823. Call or Email Now! You will find variations in this collection due to the original ancient artisan who crafted the dies, and the mint from which the coins were struck so many years ago. About 1500-2000 years old. Ancient & Oriental is the website brand of Ancient Art - London's leading purveyor of antiquities and coins for over 40 years. Austin Rare Coins & Bullion handles some of the finest ancient coins that the marketplace has to offer. Ancient Celts and Spain are available too and don't forget to buy supplies to … Learn more about all of the … 3.8 out of 5 stars 84. Authentic Ancient Coin of: Greek city of Synnada in Phrygia Bronze 20mm (6.93 grams) Struck circa 133-1st Century B.C. 27 mm dia. From Augustus to Maximinus and everyone in between. Large selection makes easy to add to collection or even start collecting. K . These were cast bronze coins – introduced during the third century B.C. Class B bronze follis, set into a stunning .925 silver bezel. and known as Aes Grave (heavy bronze). The broad ancient Persian Empire has the widest range, from … 18kt yellow gold ring features cabochon rubies. We bring a passion for Ancient Coins, their past, and aesthetics to our company. Circa 480-400 B.C. Treasured by historians and collectors as genuine artifacts, ancient coins recall long-ago rulers and events. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Ancient Creations, Inc. | Designed with by Eleven Tree MediaGlossary of Terms rev: IhSUS \ XRISTUS \ bASILEU \ bASILE ("Jesus Christ King of Kings") in four lines, cross above and below. All items were well packaged and had letters of guarantee with them. The Leader in Authentic Rare Coin Jewelry and Artifacts. 50. FAQ MARS VLTOR S-C, Mars walking right, holding spear and shield. Class A1 bronze follis, set into a stunning .925 silver bezel. Ring with Ancient Greek Horse Coin. or Selling an ancient artifact? Close Sign In / Register. Custom bezels can also be made for many coins on my site! Ancient coins are glimpses into the past. Reign of Romanus III, 1028 - 1034 AD. * Numismatic Note: This authentic ancient coin was used in everyday trade during the lifetime of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Usually a deity, mythological figure or symbol of the ruler’s authority was shown on the reverse. Authentic ancient Roman, Egyptian and Greek artifacts and coins for sale from from Gabriel Vandervort and Ancient Resource. Large silver tetradrachm. This is because so few people have actually handled an ancient coin or know what one looks like. It’s recommended that buyers purchase ancient coins … Never buy supposedly ancient coins from street vendors in foreign countries. Bronze Sestertius 30mm (18.22 grams) Rome mint, 9th emission of Severus Alexander, struck 228 A.D. Reference: RIC 676 (Severus Alexander) IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA, draped bust right, wearing stephane, hair braided in rows and tucked in chignon. Great detail! 99. Every effort will be made in good faith by NGC Ancients to properly attribute ancient coins, but no guarantee is made as to these qualities. Los Angeles, California USA. Most have Emperor designs on them. With an enviable reputation in both wholesale and retail markets, we offer antiquities to suit a range of budgets. The history of ancient Roman coins begins with the first old coins of the Roman Republic (c. 508-27 B.C. Neil. $16.50 $ 16. ONE Authentic Ancient ROMAN EMPIRE BRONZE COIN - Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD - OVER 1600 YEARS OLD. to 476 A.D. and include Roman Republic and Roman Imperial coins, the latter of which changed based on the emperor at the time. Terms and Conditions Join Our Email List. The most common Maccabees coins were those minted under the rule of the third Hasmonean king, Alexander Jannaeus, who ruled form 103-76 BCE. Dark olive-green patina with light earthen deposits. Custom leather cord with silver clasp or silver chain can be included for an additional $15. These are the lesser grade versions with more wear. An important historically significant biblical coin of emperor Tiberius during whose rule Jesus Christ was crucified under the Roman prefect of Judaea, Pontius Pilate. $16.50 $ 16. Join Our Email List. The obverses of most Roman coins depicted rulers and their family members. Submit Feedback. Coin with nice detail, olive-green patina with sandy earthen highlights. All items are guaranteed authentic and are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Quick Links Quick Links ... Augustus (formerly Octavian) gained sole control as Rome’s first Emperor. Maiandri-, magistrate. Bronze Sestertius 30mm (21.35 grams) Rome mint, struck 232 A.D. Reference:RIC IV 635d; BMCRE 841; Cohen 169; Sear 7979 Certification: NGC Ancients VF 4936276-007 IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Join Our Mailing List » JOIN NOW. Byzantine Empire. King on horseback following a star / Athena standing right, holding spear and shield, monograms in field. Nice! 3.8 out of 5 stars 91. Privacy Policy Respond to an Ad; Visit our Learn Center; Explore Coins-on-Approval; Shop by Catalog . CYNNAΔE / MAIANΔPI, Zeus standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre. Buying an ancient artifact? RP Seitz Ancient Coins began this business to help introduce numismatists to the exciting world of Ancient Coins and to help them learn how to best collect these types of coins. Ancient Silver coins like Bactria Silver Drachmas, which come from the reign of King Azes II, have incredible history attached to them. Contact Gabriel. Learn more about the history of the ancient world. My store is like a gallery of ancient art captured in miniature on coins. Ancient coins are fun, educational and fulfilling to collect. Ancient coins are antiquities, and buying and bringing antiquities back to your home country may be illegal. King Azes II, 35 BC - 5 AD. Ancient Roman Coins For Sale. My store is like a gallery of ancient art captured in miniature on coins. Hestya 1 Inch Chinese Fortune Coins Feng Shui I-Ching Coins Chinese Good Luck Coins Ancient Chinese Dynasty Time Coin (100) 4.3 out of 5 stars 271. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 17. Authentic Ancient Coins and Artifacts for Sale. For Email Marketing you can trust. CR627 18kt Y.G. Since spending 3 decades as a collector of coins, we have … FREE Shipping. Search… × Coin Jewelry & Rare Artifacts COIN PENDANTS RINGS BRACELETS EARRINGS CUFF LINKS MONEY CLIPS. All Coins & Artifacts Are Authentic. Pay an Invoice. We have several from a large collection we just obtained. From Augustus to Maximinus and everyone in between. $12.99 $ 12. Christ facing with book of Gospels, +EMMANOVHA IX-XC. Maccabees coins continued to circulate long after the Maccabees themselves were gone. #CB2158: $350 SOLD. CF780 18kt Y.G. 18kt yellow gold cuff-links with authentic ancient Roman gold solidus coins. Customer Reviews & Testimonials. ONE Authentic Ancient ROMAN EMPIRE BRONZE COIN - Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD - OVER 1600 YEARS OLD. We Guarantee They Were Minted In The Time Periods Indicated. and A.D. 5, many issued before the birth of Christ. A genuine coin is made of the correct type and density of metal. Authentic Ancient Roman coin Matted In Collector’s Box. I could not recommend them any more highly and will be definitely doing business with them in the future. These collectible Silver coins were struck sometime between 35 B.C. That means some simple tests can determine the lack of coin authenticity if they are frauds. Ancient Resource Home | About Ancient Resource | Vcoins Store | News & Updates | Join Mailing List | Contact Gabriel. Authentic ancient coin jewelry features coins that were hand struck from hand carved dies in their actual size. OLDER THAN DIRT. My name is Ilya Zlobin and I have worked with over 40,000 authentic ancient coins over the years and you have the benefit of many years of experience when you decide on the coins in my store. Kingdom of Baktria, East of Bethlehem. This was the first time buying from the Ancient Coin Traders but it won’t be my last. Add ancient coins to your collection, and add authentic relics of early civilizations! W: 32 mm (1 1/4"). Authentic Ancient Coin Necklaces For Sale Coins from ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantium, Persia, and Medieval Europe set in custom sterling silver and gold bezels. to 100 A.D. Roman coins were minted from 400 B.C. Pictured with Ancient Greek silver hemidrachm from Thessaly, a region known for it's fine horses. Extremely Fine with excellent detail. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Learn more about all of the Caesars of the Roman Empire. NGC Ancients will only guarantee the grade. Coins produced completely of the right metal or alloy will differ in weight and density. 28 mm diameter. Customize & Create Your Own One Of A Kind Design. Ancient Greek coins are some of the oldest, dating from 800 B.C. Alexander the Great is the most famous king of ancient Greece, and he did much to revolutionize the world he lived in. Of course, we also have many Roman Republican, Roman Imperial and Roman Provincial coins to offer for your collection as well. Part of this newfound popularity can actually be attributed to the growth of certified ancient coins. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to never buy anything advertised as an ancient coin from anyone other than a reputable coin dealer. ; SNG von Aulock 3973; Lindgren III 619 Turreted head of Tyche right. FREE Shipping. In 1970, UNESCO wrote cultural heritage guidelines and laws to prevent the illegal import and export of ancient objectswhich were adopted by 128 countries. Set into a stunning custom .925 silver bezel. Ancient coins are fun, educational and fulfilling to collect. RP Seitz Ancient Coins is a dealer of Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval Coins. Emperor Valentinian I, circa A.D. 364-375. We are the leader in rare coin jewelry and artifacts. 18th century ceramic gaming tokens from gambling houses in Asia and the Japanese Shogun represent Oriental Coinage.