Use serum. I wanted to repurchase the same color and do it over so the hair color will come out more should i? She is always on the lookout to find the new “it” product. cause usually i need 2 box for the other brand~~ >.<, Do they have that in the Philippines?? Overall I am quite happy with the hair dye. EXP : 01/2023 * Code 11G Change to 11RG . it sounds too good to be true? Since you dyed your hair alot don’t you start losing a lot of hair? If you want a really dramatic and noticeable change, do you have to bleach it first? I have around chest length hair & its in layers . I have korean hair do you think 1 box is enough, When your dying your hair does the whole process count for 30mins or after you are done getting all your hair do you wait 30mins. Alice Kamiya March 7, 2016 at 4:52 PM. I've been a fan of foam hair dye since 2011 since I find it very easy to use. Pertama kalinya pakai produk keluaran Mise En Scene. Friends who have tried their products have all … the lightest colour. Nah, untuk kali ini aku mo ngereview cat rambut yang aku pakai baru-baru ini yaitu Mise en Scene Hair Dye Hello Bubble Foam Hair Color. They are known to be the number 1 hair-care brand in Korea that offers a wide range of hair serums. US$8.25 US$11.34(US$3.09↓) KR Shipping rate:Qprime . But with Covid-19 making things a little crazy and with everyone tightening their wallets, I started reducing my visits to the hair salon. When I used this hair dye, I didn’t know it was supposed to smell like coconut, so I wasn’t looking for it particularly. this was Mocha Brown! faded Mocha Brown. anyways, I had always had a hard time trying to dye my hair back in Malaysia because my hair was so thick but Mise en scene dyes it just like that! Hi Jamie! They have many different colors, they even have ombre… which I don’t really recommend… unless you do it professionally but if you think you are a brave enough, props to you. Price RM38.50: Brand: Mise En Scne: ... Ammonia-free foam hair dye contains a secret magic ampoule that makes hair soft, smooth and sweetly scented. It should take about 1-2 minutes. Product Code: MES-HB-OL. all sold in really reasonable prices. Hey jamie! Done. The only place that sells it in Vancouver is basically across town and its 3x the price compared to Japan. Mise en Scene's Secret Magic ampoule restores your hair's moisture content for healthy hair after application. I hated it T_T. RM 85.00. well, it is. From looking at the box, you wouldn’t know but from my research, it is created by Amore Pacific. Have you got any photos in them? Firstly, I researched the best hair shampoo online and eventually stumbled upon mise en scène hair products. ... MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble SUBBED CF. Months ago, I bought 2 box of Milky ash color hair dye from Korea. I just got on there and wrote some stuff, but I just feel like I’m talking to myself… My name is Mmmstapler on there, if you want a friend! I have one at home in Malaysia but I hope it still works after half a year D=. I just wanted to ask if you still remember what hair colour you used before you died it vanilla gold?? Mise-en-scene's Hello Bubble Hair Mise en Scene's Secret Magic ampoule mitigates the drying effect of hair dye to result in shiny, healthy hair. I decided once again to dye my hair. Hello i dyed my hair last month.. A miss en scene matte gold. my favourite is still mocha latte brown and vanilla gold ^^; the dark choco turner and burgandy are new so.. it’s not here. If you have read my previous posts {Ezn Shaking Pudding in Sandy Ash}, {Prettia Hair Dye in British Ash}, {Ezn Shaking Pudding in Ash Khaki}, you might have noticed that I tend to pick ash colored hair dyes. I’d shop at Namdaemun for the sampoo and conditioner since they are a LOT cheaper than other places. Although I really wanted to pick up Prettia British Ash Brown, it is quite hard to obtain. Naturigin Permanent Hair Color retails at SGD29 on JSJ Natural. 2. According to the condition and the colour of individual’s hair can be represented by different colour. I don’t dye it as much as you and I don’t put really any heat but I use this once after I started losing some hair and it’s been like a month and I’m still losing a lot of hair & I’m only like 15. your review means alot, thank you so much! I would like to change it into vanilla gold but im pretty scared if its turn out to be blond… The hair of my friends is much lighter just like yours. lighter than the picture on the box. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It did make my hair feel quite dry, so you probably prepare some heavy duty hair mask, to rehydrate your hair. mise en scene hello bubble hair dye (BLACKPINK vers) #rosegold - Duration: 8:48. For one, Mise En Scene’s Hello Bubble Foam Hair Dyes endorsed by the well-loved Kpop group Blackpink, highlights a variety of hair dyes from subtle to stunning. Hair dye pouch 30ml, Container(60g), Secret magic ampoule 5ml, Treatment and manual, Plastic Gloves and gown included Dark Choco Turn Colour. Size: 30ml / 60g How to use: Preparation:1. Worth a try, even if you have Asian virgin hair. it isn’t blonde like the picture on the box but it’s pretty light. presumed to be the 2nd darkest colour. Jessica Yu 21,952 views. and then the colour faded and it became pretty light after. Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Colour. Ask Seller + Add to Wish List. But it does have many good things going for it, there’s plenty of product (for hair that is a bit longer than shoulder length, you will have more than enough product in one package), no ammonia smell and my friend even said my hair dye looked quite even. Palty Hair Color: Gray Ochre or it called Macaron Ash? That’s 8 consecutive years by the way, in a sales survey conducted by the third-party Nielsen Retail Index. Instructions: Pour both packets into the container, and gently shake it from side until the colour inside the container starts changing. there are EVERYTHING inside the box. This is the Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Dye Foam which I got from my sister in Korea last January thus the old Girls Day packaging. . $11.90. It's from the brand Mise en Scène and of course, it's a foam hair dye. Other than that it dries out your hair a bit, I think it is overall a great product. PS : you can see the texture of my hair of when I first dyed it and after a few weeks (of non conditioned hair). Mise En Scene Hello Bubble (3D Ombre Light) No Damaged Hair Self Hair Dye DIY Hair Coloring Semi-Permanent Treatment Perfect Repair Serum. 35 things I’ve noticed about Korean people. hair dye [mise en scene] Hello Bubble Foam Color (30g + 60g + 5g) 1 Pack . The brand also sells a 3-minute hair mask pack catered to all the busy ladies out there. For your pictures did you use any filters? I can barely see the dye in the water when I'm showering! I did eat a haircut and a blow out on the right side. Sheena took my hairginity. Hi have you tried the color khaki brown? I find that that makes my hair super pretty right after I dye it. Cuman menurut aku pribadi produk ini jauh lebih bagus. BLACKPINK in your HAIR-ea! pfft. it might as well be very strong chemicals but if it made my hair feel better, I guess I’m psychologically convinced that it is the healthiest hair dye among all! well, it is. Me being super lazy I opted for a different hair dye, Mise en Scene. but I put it on for about 45-50minutes? A beauty lover that loves everything about beauty and skincare. **Mise en scene color mostly will suggest to brown/light hair, if black hair all will suggest to bleach. For info, Mise En Scene is a French phrase meaning "careful arrangement of everything in a sc not sure if it’s because I had a light colour base underneath but I loved it! I decided once again to dye my hair. Please and thank you! FREE shipping! Mise En Scene Hair Colours & Dyes Malaysia. So as you can see, it's brown but kinda.. grey-ish? Easy. After a couple washes and some purple shampoo, I ended up really liking the color. It also came with a cape (useful but make sure you still wear an old t-shirt), gloves and a serum treatment. Comes with comb, & disposable glove Chat to Buy Try Hello Bubble's easy-to-use foaming hair dye in lush Choco Brown or full-bodied Dark Choco. My hair is naturally black and I’ve never dyed my hair and I want brown color but I don’t know if this product will give me the result I want I really like the vanila gold color and faded mocha brown color what do you recommend to me I really need your help. Included in its formula is the secret magic ampoule, which keeps hair soft, smooth and protected even after dyeing. Review: Liese Prettia Creamy Bubble Color Hair Dye in British Ash, 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder: The One Item That You Must Try From The Ordinary, Review: Best Affordable Vitamin C for Brightening, Fungal Acne cleanser: Etude House Soon Jung Whip Cleanser Review, Winter Skincare Routine for Dry and irritated Skin. but my bath tub was red for at least 2 weeks >_>. Quantity: WhatsApp Enquiry. Burgandy. it’s priced at 13,000won and you can get it at Aritaum and many other places too in Korea. hi jamie…can i know if 1 box misc en scene hair dye enough for a long and tick hair? They also claimed to have a coconut smell…? Blinks or not, we are in love with these Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Hair Dyes endorsed by the hottest Kpop girl group, Blackpink. my hair dye secret : mise en scene hair dye. the box looks like this! Secret magic essence protects your hair while being dyed and the multiple bubbles quickly dye your hair only in 20 minutes. Formulated with Pearly protein; Nourishing; Protects hair from damage; Glossy finish; How to Use: 1. nor do I comb my hair HAHAHAH. the colour was washing out in my shower for around 2-3 weeks as well >_>”. Bought online (no English instructions but has pictures to show steps). No#1 Korean grey cover hair dye - Shake well and apply Why is it so popular? remember to put the ampoule and the mixture in! My naturally non-tangley hair became hard to comb through. Just shake and pump it to apply then leave it for 10 MINS ONLY 02 Less irritation and Long last : Ammonia-Free 03 Special foaming AP technology: high density of bubble This product comes with - I am so happy with this product, Mise En Scene has a new customer! On an unrelated note, do you have Dayre? #scared!! I have been recommending my friends who visited Korea to buy this hair dye and people whom are poor like me but wants to dye their long long hair, this is the (WAYYY) cheaper alternative. I hope you could help. as i know most of the popular clinics have been marketed well overseas and might not be very good. It’s probably fine that you leave the dye on for a while, as long as you don’t over-process your ends! Silver ash colour. well since I have thick hair Sheena told me that if I put it on longer it might dye better =D. MISE EN SCENE - Hello Bubble Hair Color ( Blackpink ) RM38.50. If you have read my previous posts {Ezn Shaking Pudding in Sandy Ash}, {Prettia Hair Dye in British Ash}, {Ezn Shaking Pudding in Ash Khaki}, you might have noticed that I tend to pick ash colored hair dyes. slightly to the reddish kind of brown =D. Wait 20-30min. ... Home › Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color. I dyed orange the first time I used it but it was.. pretty normal. right after dyeing my hair’s super smooth! but even lighter now. Here is a picture of how my hair looked like a day after the hair dye. With their lovely faces plastered on its packaging, this Korean brand presents a foam dye that evenly coats hair with pigmented colour. so the colours below are.. choco brown, mocha latte brown, raspberry red, apricot orange, vanilla gold and milky ash. I’ve seen Mise En Scene hair serums, treatments and DIY hair colour kits on my trips to Seoul, South Korea. An ammonia-free DIY hair dye with an abundance of foam for easy application! including that amazing cape hahha. We rounded up five work-appropriate at-home hair dyes that’ll yield salon-like results. Although I really wanted to pick up Prettia British Ash Brown, it is quite hard to obtain. BUT I have to admit I have been swimming a lot in the summer and I did dye my hair one month ago, so it might be quite damaged and dry already. What PS clinics are popular among the locals? so mise en scene’s hairdye is so magical it makes your disgusting tangled hair healthy after dye. I really want the color to stand out, but i wonder what happens if you bleach your hair beforehand. you’ve read it right! Thuốc Nhuộm Tóc Mise En Scene Perfect Color Hair Dye là một trong những sản phẩm bán chạy nhất tại Hàn Quốc và thuộc dòng thuốc nhuộm tự nhuộm với đại diện thương hiệu là nhóm nhạc nổi tiếng BlackPink đến từ xứ sở Hàn Quốc, bao gồm 4 thành viên là Lisa, Rosé, Jennie và Jisoo. But I just ordered vanilla gold color I liked the color and hopefully the color will look good on me too but I have darker skin. I don’t know why but every time you get a blowout, your hair color is so different. hiii! Bought online at $24. How did it turn out? BUT you basically just pour all the packets into the container and shake horizontally 20 times. some people liked it. it is said to have 96% of satisfaction from its consumers but I rate it 100%!!! Mise En Scene - Hello Cream Hair Dye Coloring (PRE ORDER!!) =D. okay maybe 99% since the burgandy and dark choco turner washes off =S. My hair did look a little ashy but in the sunlight, my hair looked incredibly light, def not dark brown. so mise en scene’s hairdye is so magical it makes your disgusting tangled hair healthy after dye. Description: Hair dye pouch 30ml, Container(60g), Secret magic ampoule 5ml, Treatment and manual, Plastic Gloves and gown included Size: 30 g. + 60 g. Directions: Mix Solution 1 and Solution 3 Secret Magic Ampoule into Solution 2 Bubble Foam Color Bottle Shake sideways 20 times Apply evenly to hair Wait 20-30 minutes hi !! I have been recommending my friends who visited Korea to buy this hair dye and people whom are poor like me but wants to dye their long long hair, this is the (WAYYY) cheaper alternative. 11. oh well. I did leave the hair dye a little longer than recommended about~40min as opposed to 20-30min. Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items、[Mise En Scene] Mise En Scene perfect color hair dye:Hair Care, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price! Impassioned, picturesque sunset pinks and oranges. If anything, I don’t think it really had any smell at all. and oh! wished Review Quick View Power seller cheaonmall. My hair did turn into a lighter shade after a couple of washes,  the hair dye even managed to dye my dark roots. XD, Hi jamie, I know this is not the place to ask this, but i do not have korean friends to ask or anyone who would know. Do you guys ever notice it? you’re done! Be the first to review this product Paint your hair a Deep Bordeaux Rose, a Sahara Rose Pink, or an Africa Sunset Orange with Hello Bubble's easy-to-use foaming dye. Rating:(5/5) video thumbnail [1+1lowest price[mise en scene] Mise En Scene x Black Pink Hello Cream hair dye … reviews over the Internet We will share about the shampoo and hair dye in one spot so you can read it up before considering to buy it. which looks something like this. Buy hair dye (silver ash) in Singapore,Singapore. MISE EN SCÈNE Shining Essence Hair Dye contains pearl protein, cation polymer and silicon that work to nourish and protect hair from damage, leaving the hair glossy and lustrous. they are all amazing and the best part of it? I’ve been eyeing this hairdye for a long time now. You can’t really see much of a difference, my hair looked pretty dark, and the lighting doesn’t really help either. Model: Hello Bubble Foam Color. Color - 5N Brown **Note: Recommend to gray hair and may be darker than the reference color if it is not a gray hair. It claims to: Minimize damage by using an ammonia-free formula which claims to smell like coconut, Includes Secret Magic Ampoule that prevents hair damage, Dispensed as a soft foam – making it easy to dye hair. Rinse. An adventure to be beautiful inside and out. and it was one day after dyeing my hair. So if you have dry and damaged hair like mines, make sure to deep condition your hair and use plenty of hair oils and masks. Which would you recommend? with waist length hair, I don’t even use the conditioner on a regular basis. I shall try it next time! and slowly 3. pfft. Korean Etiquette/Courtesy/Culture and Japan, [Mangwon 망원] Kiosque 키오스크 – the best french toast in Seoul, [Seoul: Ikseon-dong] Beautiful Hanok Cafes in Seoul. I like to buy mine from Olive Young or LOHB. Use 30g of the first agent (hair dye), 60g of the second agent (oxidizing agent) and 5g of the conditioning mixture and ensure the mixture are well mixed before use Applied evenly to the hair After 20-30 minutes, rinse hair with lukewarm water, and rinse thoroughly with shampoo by using warm water like will i get my original hair color back?? MISE EN SCENE HELLO BUBBLE HAIR DYE FORM COLOR (ASH KHAKI BROWN) 4.5 out of 5 stars 18. it was pretty light even when I first dyed. $19.90. PS : I AM NOT PAID TO WRITE THIS. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Get the best price for Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Color Dye among 69 products, Shop, compare, and save more with BigGo! And in case you haven’t heard the news yet – it is now finally available in Singapore. If you buy Mise En Scene Colouring, you can get 71% off from its original price! but… that was the first time I dyed my hair. So if you have never dyed your hair before, and worried that the color might not show, this hair dye might be worth trying out. but thank goodness for this hair dye which saves my hair every time I dye it. Whether it is budget friendly or high end, she plans to share with others her beauty adventures and beauty experiences on this blog. If you are a fan of K-pop sensation Blackpink, you would have definitely heard of this brand. came out pretty light as well. just leave it on for 30-45 minutes and voila! after everything got “washed” I have this beautiful chocolate colour that I’ve always wanted though =3. 01 Easy and Fast : You don't need to mix it! We gathered over 10+ websites to come up with this post about Mise En Scene hair products. Under brand philosophy of 'High quality hair style&image directing', MISE EN SCÉNE is a trend-leading hair total cosmetics with innovative products, professional solutions and stylish contents. I really like that the hair dye was in a foam format. and if you’re lucky, you might come across their 50% sale or their buy 1 free 1 sale =D. there’s another colour called the urban khaki (greenish ash) where my friend really liked but it doesn’t seem to be around anywhere anymore T_T. Change Your Hair, Change Your Life, MISE EN SCÉNE'Mise en scéne' is an expression to describe visual aspects of a theatre or film production. The serum wasn’t amazing but great when your hair is feeling dry. **Color which no need to bleach : Dark Choco, Choco Brown, Mystic Black. hey jamie please tell me is this dye permanent or temporary?? These hair dyes are made specially for easy self-application, and are leaving us spoilt with 14 different colours to choose from. No ammonia. Cari produk Pewarna Rambut lainnya di Tokopedia. I think Blackpink now endorses this hair dye plus it got more tones to choose from. Like any spendthrifts, I would try to get free shipping by purchasing more items from the same seller to just get the shipping fees waived off. Apply. MISE EN SCENE - Hello Bubble Hair Color ( Blackpink ) 1 reviews. Key Benefits. I hope you can help me… (well although I am super lazy and rarely use it during the semester, I use them a lot during my semester break and I am always very happy with the results after every usage!) Surprisingly, this hair colour does not come out a lot. hey @jamoe Liew can you please mention the number for faded mocha brown?? Side note: make sure you restock on hair dyes if you are in Japan. D=. Its so good and its pretty… BUT I really don’t remember thinking WOW this smells like coconut. If you know me personally you would know that I have ALWAYS had long hair and I am incredulously lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair. it sounds too good to be true? living in Seoul for the 3rd year now, I’ve tried dozens of hair dyes since I dye my hair almost once a month but I try to reduce it to once every 2 months now. It was incredibly easy, even if are dying your own hair. - 6WB Warm Brown dengan harga Rp220.000 dari toko online SinLeffers, Kota Medan. The color was ashy, after a few washes and some purple shampoo I really like how the color turned out. plus they have some kind of oil mixture to put into your dye which makes your hair silky and nice after dyeing. Formulated with Secret Magic Oil to leave hair soft with less damage to scalp & hair, resulting in vivid hair color. My end result after a couple of washes: P.S. not sure if you’re supposed to be doing that haha. 5. =D. Hello Bubble is a no-frills, ammonia-free Korean hair dye that comes with a sweet floral fragrance. I’ve tried everything except for that red and ash. Sebelumnya aku pernah juga coba brand bubble dye lain seperti Etude House. the hair dye saved my hair. I bought another 2 facial masks along with this box of Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair dye in Ash Khaki Brown and the seller threw in a free teabag. Corporate Purchase. I often watch dramas when I dye my hair and go over the time a little though T_T.