After the battle talk to the SeeD member to receive a free Remedy and then head back to the front of Balamb Garden. In addition to that you can draw Shell, Thunder and Thundara from Raijin, and true to his stock of spells, Raijin absorbs thunder elemental damage, so refrain from using it. They do moderate damage but nothing all that devastating. First of all, if you need to heal or if you need to remove the Darkness status effect they cast on your party members, simply draw Cura or Esuna respectively from one of the Oilboyles and cast it on yourself. You will meet up with Xu who will talk to you about the Headmaster and then tell you to go up to the second floor. Head out and skip past the Training Facility for now. After the events in Fishermans Horizon the player can use Balamb Garden to traverse the world map. The third member of your party won’t be far behind. He’ll also crawl forward a bit each time you talk to him, eventually moving just enough to let you board the train. Talk to this cynophilist and he’ll tell you the captain was fishing here recently, and went off to cook the catch. The left path will contain Weapons Monthly July Issue visibly laying on the ground. Ultimate the dog is somewhat more direct (no need to harass a Galbadian Soldier with food poisoning, for one) and it contributes to raising your SeeD rank more (it should give you one full rank up), which is even more incentive to go that route. Pay 100 Gil to enter. So be it. Pandemona starts out with Str-J and can learn Spd-J, as well as Str+20%, Str+40%, Spd+20% and Spd+40%. These two enemies count as bosses (as evidenced by the music), but they are not particularly tough. After you destroy the shell the actual fight will begin. At best it can refine into one hundred Windmill items, which you probably don’t need, considering the Abyss Worm can be refined into those, too. Selphie will pop up and request you visit Trabia Garden - which is the next stop if you want to continue the main questline. The next stop is over at the dormitory. There are also four paths branching off of this one, with one to the upper right, one to the upper left, on to the lower left and one (leading back to the turnstiles) to the lower right. If you didn't bring Zell with you, he'll force his way into the party once you enter. Select “We have no choice, let’s go” and continue up the ladder. Pay director Cid a visit, he's in the infirmary and will answer you some questions and provide some interesting information. After she is in Dollet it's recommended you move her back and forth between Balamb and Dollet for the majority of this quest. You press Square as fast as you can to turn it. Information on all characters, including stats and how to acquire all their weapons and limits. Take the opportunity to save and heal up by taking a rest on Squall’s bed. Another faculty member and another super easy fight against a Caterchipillar. (19) Return to Balamb Town Head to the Quad area (where the stage is located) and speak to Selphie. In the main hall you’ll meet up with Xu. And now it's finally time to leave this creepy place. Selphie will pop up and request you visit Trabia Garden - which is the next stop if you want to continue the main questline. After the fight some chatter will ensue, following which you’ll find yourself on the bridge of Balamb Garden. Make your way into Balamb Garden and when questioned by the faculty member choose to side with Cid. Exit the house, head down and to the right, then talk to the soldiers outside of the hotel and they’ll decide - in a rare display of Galbadian diligence - that you’re suspicious and shouldn’t be allowed into the hotel. Slowly whack away at the three targets until the center pod, Norg’s Pod, is out of HP (it only has 2000 HP). Start pressing buttons on the control panel when Squall lands in the next room and then climb back down. After the conversation, there is a Curaga Draw Point in front of the dresser. You’ll be thrown into battle against a T-Rexaur. Quistis will ask to go over various things when you get there, like Gunblade usage and Magic Junctioning. After Balamb Garden becomes mobile, you'll see Galbadia Garden hovering outside Balamb. There is an Issue of Timber Maniacs on the table. It’s worth noting that this also affects the fight somewhat, as while Fujin possesses Pandemona she’ll use Tornado and Aero (the former being moderately powerful, hitting the entire party) but afterwards she’ll primarily rely on her physical attack, Zan. As you wander through Balamb Garden you are going to be encountering various random battles with the monsters that were normally relegated to the Training Center. (1 of 3) Steal a Megalixir from Fujin once Raijin is gone. After the fight some chatter will ensue, following which you’ll find yourself on the bridge of Balamb Garden. Talk to the lady and they will leave to safety. Return to Balamb Garden Final Fantasy VIII ... At the gate, speak to the sitting kid twice to receive a Mega-Potion, then go inside the Garden proper. Either way, you’ll win a copy of Combat King 002, which will teach Zell the Meteor Strike limit ability. Save before you take off and do anything important. Team 1, who go back to try warn Balamb Garden of the potential missile strike & Team 2 who go to the Galbadia Missile Base. In fact, his Strength between level 10 and 29 will nearly double, so his damage is highly variable depending on your own stats. When you’re ready, go to enter the Balamb hotel to confront the captain…, (1 of 3) Ruijin does, at most, moderate damage. Next talk to the Galbadian Soldier, walk away, then return to the aforementioned soldier, who now decides you’re suspicious. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CC Group onboard the … Make your way up to Cid’s office to tell him about the missiles. Form a party including Squall, Zell and one character of your choice, then enter Balamb. You’ll find yourself in the Galbadia Garden hall, where a Save Point conveniently awaits. Play him until you win his Pandemona card, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering his other cards top out at Level 5 Monster cards. After all that time compression shit, you'd think there'd still be at least one place where you can go to talk to people, play cards, or just generally hang out. You can draw Esuna off him and cast it on yourself if necessary. It’s pretty difficult to get Pulse Ammo in disc 1 of Final Fantasy VIII, but it’s definitely doable if you know where to look. Travel back to Balamb and… well… Galbadia Garden being moored just off the coast isn’t a promising sign. Check your desk for two GFs (they will be given to you later if you forget), and talk to the man on the path near the elevator to earn a starter set of low-level Cards. If you want to find a save point you will have to head to the dormitory (Squall’s Room). Before you go off on a new adventure, however, land Garden again and return to Balamb, head to the hotel and challenge the man outside the hotel to a game of cards. After beating King in the dormitory you can face her in the bridge after (where you pilot the ship). Information on Triple Triad, including the location of every card in the game and how to best use them. Defeat Raijin and his goons, then enter the hotel to meet the commander… who can only be Fujin. but nothing happens. When you get to the bottom you will see three SeeD members jump down from the rafters. After the mother of all battles, Ultima Weapon will finally be defeated and you’ll have earned the very last and most powerful Guardian Force in all of Final Fantasy 8. Follow the students and faculty member into the Training Facility and choose to help them out when presented with that option. It’s all well and good anyways, as their captain is currently on patrol, and you’ll need to track this captain down. The Left and Right Pods go from blue to yellow to red. As you and Rinoa leave Squalls room for the second time there will be an announcement as you leave the dormitory. Just be prepared for a long battle. Given all the smoke, they’re obviously not a very competent cook, either. Talk to Headmaster Cid before leaving the seed inauguration scene. King has the Gilgamesh Card which you will want to grab from her before officially saying you've completed this quest. Examine the buttons on the wall, and then examine the square panel on the ground to begin your descent. Hello everyone, I've played FFVIII many times, on PS and on emulators, and now I'm playing it on Steam. You’ve got a 90% chance of getting the first item and a 10% chance of the second, and while the Hero is definitely a better prize, it’s probably not worth save/loading for. Talk to the guard, then walk away and re … Squall is a clever bird, however, and dangles bait the ever-incompetent Galbadian can’t ignore. Leave the room and a new pathway will have opened up allowing you to continue climbing downwards. The Garden is slow, and can only ascend on land from beaches, and it cannot cross the Horizon Bridge. Then head back up and make your way to the cafeteria. The first time you try it will be just Squall by himself. Not that Pandemona is entirely a bust, but… well, there’s a much more interesting GF out there if you’re willing to work for it, which will be covered in the next section, Centra Ruins - Tonberry King. Now you get to partake in some fun story time involving a show with some instruments. He will tell you to make your way down to the basement. (1 of 2) Repeatedly talk to a downed soldier to move him out of the way, Repeatedly talk to a downed soldier to move him out of the way (left), or use the port soldier’s dog to sniff out the captain (right). Follow the suggestion by junctioning some Fire/Fira/Firaga magic to your elemental attack to make the fights down here a little easier. Two of them will give you information (who cares) but one will give you a free [X-Potion]. He’s somewhat weak to poison, if you want to trivialize an already easy battle. You can now take Selphie with you when you explore, which is another perk of lifting Balamb’s occupation early. your team member’s weapons using Elemental Attack. Battle Meter. Previous Page(15) Team 1:Galbadia Missile Base. Talk to Dr. Kadowaki after the fight is over to get a free [Elixir]. You can also junction Aero or Tornado to your Elemental Defense, which will help for a very short while. Cid will insist you go check on the others first and foremost. Go and talk to Quistis who is surrounded by a group of students. Now you have to keep the Left and Right Pods from turning red while slowly beating down Norg. After that he will give you access down to the lower floors (MD Level). He’ll only perform simple melee attacks which, at a low level, were dealing around 100~ damage per hit. Showdown in Galbadia Garden. Students at Balamb Garden are apparently so boring that they just go to the library to hang out. It’s all talk from here. You know, just in case you need the convenience while in Balamb. He can also use Hi-Potions, healing himself for 1,000 HP, but he’ll do so sparingly, typically after being injured to a certain extent. Approach the elevator and you will automatically be taken to the second floor. That would have been an awesome little hidden spot on the world map. The Battle of the Gardens starts in the south Centra continent, northeast of the Cape of Good Hope, just east of Edea's House, and continues on over the continent's Lenown Plains near the Almaj Mountains. With Raijin as the only legitimate threat (being incredibly generous with “threat” here), this should be a battle that’s nigh impossible to lose. Next make your way up to the stage area (Quad). The Initiative ability Pandemona can learn is also useful in certain situations where the first strike is key… like hunting Cactuars! Go to the end of the hallway to find her and talk to her one more time. Return to Balamb. Next head back to the Controls room... At the Controls room, you will meet up with Dr. Kadowaki and there will be an event showing the rest of your party at the places except for Rinoa and Squall. He’s also reasonably susceptible to darkness and slow, if you want to take advantage of that to limit his offense. On one of the platforms you will find a draw point for Full-Life. Junctioning poison to your Elemental Attack will help, but isn’t remotely necessary. Don’t get too excited at the fake Cid in the parking lot. Don’t miss it! Pandemona is one such GF, whose primary stat focus is Speed… mixed with Strength. The directory in the main hall allows you to quickly travel to the outer parts of Balamb Garden. Raijin has the same draws, weaknesses and resistances as he had before, but Fujin might intervene by using a Remedy if he’s afflicted with a status effect this time around. Once they turn red they start destroying you so make sure not let that happen. Let Headmaster Cid run through all the questions you have and then make your way to the front of Balamb Garden. By following this guide you can aspire to the following: By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. She will give you a Mega-Phoenix if you have Zell in your party or a Remedy if you don’t, and as you can see from the screenshot below, my party was Zell-less. Through the door at the bottom of the ladder you will find a wheel at the front of the room that you can turn. In the last Final Fantasy 8 adventure before the character's first SeeD Mission, Squall and Quistis venture into the Training Center to take on a T-Rexaur, hit the "lover's lane" of Balamb Garden, and rescue a familiar yet mysterious damsel in distress. Just remember that they are susceptible to Sleep magic. One of the SeeD members in the cafeteria will give you [Gysahl Greens] if you talk to her. It consists of Norg’s Pod and the Left and Right pods. (At this point, Selphie also becomes available again after a brief period where she was not.) (1 of 2) Make up a lie to gain entrance to occupied Balamb, Make up a lie to gain entrance to occupied Balamb (left), then seek out Zell’s mom to learn more about the situation (right). After the battle, look for the lady along with two kids at the right of middle row of the classroom. You’ll be treated to a bit of chatter between Zell and whomever your third party member is, but mostly you can use this room to rest up and save your game at a nearby Save Point. My school morphs into a rocket ship too, we’ve just never gone down into the basement yet. She will tell you go to the Fire Cave and find the first Guardian Force, Ifrit. Make your way through the hall and down the ladder. Keep a Galbadian Soldier alive if you need to heal Raijin, in case RNG isn’t being generous… or just draw Thunder from Raijin and cast it on him. They have approximately 20,000 hit points and hit fairly hard. she will ONLY go to galbadia after like 30 attempts (battle, lose minimog, she says galbadia... reset game repeat) How to defeat both of the game’s superbosses. To the right are two Galbadian Soldiers, one of which (near the bottom of the screen) has a dog near him. This guide will cover the main quest-line chronologically, giving advice on leveling (and how to avoid it), where to find the best spells, how to acquire all GFs and defeat all bosses. Complete walkthrough of the main questline. Information on how to acquire each GF and a discussion of their abilities, including where to assign them. He only throws a Bomb at you though so it is a trivial fight. Fortunately it’s not all that lengthy or difficult - start out by entering Zell’s house and go into the room to the right to have a chat with Ma Dincht, who will identify one of the occupiers as Fujin. Why not join us today? Fortunately you can also draw Cura and Life from Fujin, making this fight a breeze. Go to the end of the hallway to find her and talk to her one more time. If you're confused exactly by how this quest works don't worry, I go into more detail below. Sabotaging the Missile Base. This fight works the exact same as the previous fight, except instead of having the Norg Pod in the center, which doesn’t attack you at all, you have Master Norg sitting there, who does attack you periodically. If you don’t Mug her, she’ll just drop a Megalixir. However, in Disk 2, at the Balamb Garden, once I get on the MD elevator, if I get Squall to go to the control panel after talking to the other party members, nothing will happen. – Alternatively, return to the docks and talk to the Galbadian Soldier’s dog and follow it to the train station, and the very good boy will arf the captain out of hiding. Remove ads and unlock special features, Ultimecia's Castle - Preparation and Overview, Ultimecia's Castle - Sphinxaur and Sphinxara, Deep Sea Research Center - Acquiring Bahamut, Deep Sea Research Center - Acquiring Eden, Immune to most status effects; Darkness 40% – Drain 60% – Haste 0% – Reflect 0% – Regen 0% – Silence 80% – Sleep 40% – Slow 40% – The End 0%, Immune to most status effects; Darkness 40% – Drain 60% – Haste 0% – Reflect 0% – Regen 0% – Sleep 40% – Slow 40% – The End 0%. Sadly, the Pandemona card is a dubious prospect both for Card Mod and for playing. In the main hall you’ll meet up with Xu. I'm curious to see if people choose differently from me. Since you’ve long since found GFs to cover most of the core stats - Brothers (HP), Ifrit (Strength), Siren (Magic), Carbuncle (Vitality) and Leviathan (Spirit) - it should be no surprise to see GFs that focus on secondary stats. For those of you out there who prefer a step by step breakdown of things, I … FF8 - Weapons Monthly July Issue. After some chatter Raijin will show up and reveal that he’s none too bright, but willing to fight another round. GFs: Pandemona. Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough Part 38 - Trabia Garden HD Pilot the Garden to Trabia (northeast of Balamb), or you can stop by nearby Shumi Village for a side quest. Meet her up near the elevator and follow her up. There are several types of magazine you can collect in Final Fantasy VIII, and Occult Fan is probably the most important of all of them. This boss fight is more of a warmup than anything else, especially since Raijin is joined by two Galbadian Soldiers from whom you can draw Cure. If you talk to the faculty member running the opposite direction you will be thrown into battle - your choice. It’s just you and Rinoa once again. Return back to Zell’s house and enter his room to finally gain access to the most holy of places in Dincht-dom. Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Raijin, including Raijin's stats and … You start off fighting Norg’s outer shell. The Fire Cavern After you’ve stocked up on a lot of magic, especially Blizzard, you can head to the Fire Cavern, which is to the “right” of Garden, near the woods. Squall will be given a choice at the bottom of the pathway, to continue or not. Nasty stuff. After having explored the world, you should return to Balamb city. After the battle talk to the SeeD member to receive a free Remedy and then head back to the front of Balamb Garden. Make your way down the walkway to initiate a fight with two Oilboyles. Trabia Garden to Edea's house. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Disc 2 - Walkthrough You'll be in control of Laguna talking with Ellone. While they are much easier to defeat now that you are significantly higher leveled, they can still prove quite formidable. Talk to the one lying on the ground in front of the steps in front of the train car repeatedly to learn that the culprit for their malaise seems to be the captain’s fish. This is the most interesting thing in the library, by far. Tell them that you’re with the headmaster, and then talk to each of them. You can now take Selphie with you when you explore, which is another perk of lifting Balamb’s occupation early. Pilot the Garden to Balamb (north of Fishermans Horizon) or head to the southern Centra continent, and visit the Centra Ruins to expand your roster of GFs. Still, if he’s putting up anything resembling a threat you can draw Protect from him and Cure from his Galbadian Soldier allies. Location: Explore Balamb Garden's Training Center after the Battle of the Gardens. Crawl down the ladder and give the wheel at the control panel another couple of turns to get things rolling. Cid will send you after Ellone, who can be found hiding in the library. Oasis of peace: Fisherman's Horizon. Weapon Upgrades: Bismarck (Irvine), Crescent Wish (Selphie), Rising Sun (Rinoa), Twin Lance (Squall) FF8 - Weapons Monthly August Issue You'll begin the game in Balamb Garden.You're free to explore, but there isn't much you actually have to do here early on. Use fire attacks (including Ifrit) to bring them down quickly. Final Fantasy VIII is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation console. With all the Galbadian soldiers, entering and leaving will not be easy. Go to the end of the hallway, near where you met Xu, and go through the red door at the end of the hallway. Note: The hotel will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam. Now go back a little ways and you’ll be told to meet up with Headmaster Cid once again. Just like the escape pod crash site in late disc 3 and in disc 4. (1 of 3) Fujin will start by using air magics like Tornado. The earliest you can start Triple Triad is right after you leave your classroom in Balamb Garden. The player can move the Garden by talking to Nida on the bridge. After the events at Esthar, the player can still find Balamb Garden on Fishermans Horizon and use it if they wish, but acquiring Ragnarokmakes u… Nearly all of the upcoming monsters and fights have some weakness to fire. Meet her up near the elevator and follow her up. At the bottom there will be a flashing green light pointing the way to go (down the ladder). (1 of 3) Sephie will request that you travel to Trabia Garden next. You pretty much just have to check every area in the Garden and then make your way to the training center. Follow the exploits of Squall, a resident of Balamb Garden and SeeD aspirant whose first contract as a professional mercenary expands into a fight to save the world from an evil sorceress. After the fight be sure to grab the Bio draw point hidden at the front of Norg’s Pod. Make your way down to the basement to engage the next boss battle. In Balamb, head towards the car rental place for a scene, then talk to both the hotel owner and his wife. Congratulations! I cant get the queen of cards to move from balamb to dollet. First, draw Pandemona from Fujin. Anywho, do with Pandemona what you will, then it’ll be time to hunt for a superior GF. In addition the guide will cover all side quests and will also include in-depth mini-guides for Chocobo World and Triple Triad. The Garden cannot cross the Trabia Crater or the mountains that lead to the Kashkabald Desert. You can go back to your seat and watch the tutorial in the Balamb Garden Network, and try to get a slight idea on how to use the junction system correctly: Balamb … Make your way to the front all and you will be approached by one of the robed faculty members. After you escape the Desert Prison, the party divides into 2 teams. Save at the save point and then pull the lever just off to the right of it to open the doorway at the end of the walkway. Either way, you’ll now have to return to the Balamb hotel and confront the captain. Go over to the library instead and talk to the girl in the back. The T-Rexaur, as explained before, has approximately 20,000 HP but they aren’t all that strong in terms of damage output. The nerve! Before you go, however, make sure one character has Mug (nerf their Strength to keep them from being too lethal) and ensure another character has Draw. There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t snag two of these treats before finishing this fight. Sure enough, Galbadian occupation is evident, and to enter Balamb it takes a bit of effort on your part. Balamb Garden will make a crash landing at Fisherman’s Horizon. Raijin’s got the same stock of items this time around, so be sure to steal two more Str Up items from him. Each time you hit the Left Pod or Right Pod they go back to their previous color. Raijin is very basic in this fight. I checked the trap door, and then the control panel again. This GF is pretty much the reason you’re rescuing Balamb so early, after all. The pub will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam. Make your way up to Cid’s office to tell him about the missiles. We junction this GF to the Shiva/Siren/Diablos user for the sheer fact that boosting the Speed stat of a character with Hit-J will make hunting Cactuars easier in the near future. Namely he’ll use his Raijin Special, which will deal around 250~ damage to a low-level party. Make your way over to the parking lot next for another fight. You can now also complete the first portion of the Card Club (CC-Group) side quest. Head back up the elevator and make your way to the Infirmary. Any combination of high Hit% and Spd-J are good, so Pandemona can float around quite a bit depending on what characters you favor. Enter the Dollet Hotel. Do not forget to draw Leviathan! (1 of 2) Talk to a dog-accompanied soldier in the port to learn the captain was fishing, Talk to a dog-accompanied soldier in the port to learn the captain was fishing (left), then return to Zell’s house once again to confirm that this captain cooked some fish here (right). Take the elevator down to the MD level and as you do it will get stuck along the way. Start by drawing Leviathan from Norg – Leviathan is a new GF. (1 of 3) You can steal two more Str Up items from Raijin. Among those monsters are the T-Rexaurs. Like Raijin she’s weak to poison, but she absorbs wind, which shouldn’t be surprising in the slightest. 3rd Issue of Timber Maniacs. After having shown NORG who the real master is, you should check the area by the left orb for a hidden Bio- drawpoint. You’re now in Balamb, and there’s no leaving until you resolve this matter. Back in Balamb. Fujin is a bit more complicated, as she’s got two items you can steal - a Megalixir and a Hero. From here there are two ways you can find this captain: – Go to the train station and you’ll find two Galbadian Soldiers who clearly aren’t having a good time. But while we’re on the subject of Pandemona, let’s talk about your new GF. There is another faculty member along the way that you are going to have to push out of the way. This is a walkthrough for the boss Fujin and Raijin from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). It’s really hard to do with just Squall, but afterwards one of your team members will join you making it much easier. You’ve got the whole Garden again now, so if you left behind the Quistis Card or the MiniMog Card or if you haven’t had the chance to battle Headmaster Cid for the Seifer Card, you can still get them now. In Balamb… Especially not if you used Card Mod on Giglamesh. Start by heading left to the infirmary and help the students you encounter along the way. Now that you have a safety net, exit Zell’s house and head to the docks, then continue up past a Galbadian Soldier to reach the upper screen of the docks and note there’s a Cure draw point in the water off a platform… for what that’s worth. While she usually sticks to her Zan attack (after Pandemona is drawn - do be sure to do that), Fujin will also start using her Sai attack when injured, which will reduce a character to 1 HP. If you don’t Mug him, he’ll only drop a single Str Up. Do so and you’ll find the captain. Now make your way to the Training Facility. He’s limited to level 29 for this fight, but he scales pretty quick, gaining 400 HP per level and roughly twenty points of Strength per ten levels. If you step onto a certain tile in a certain Trabian Forest, you get to visit the Galbadian Garden crash site.